Publications and a pause

While Stratford is gearing up for the Shakespeare birthday celebrations this weekend, I’m winding down as I prepare to go on leave for a little while. During that time, this blog will most likely remain silent, though I certainly hope to continue thinking about Shakespeare and digital culture while away! In the last couple of months I’ve had two journal articles published on the topic, and this summer I have a book chapter coming out. All three pieces of writing have been greatly informed by discussions begun on this blog, so I’d like to say a special thank you to everyone who’s taken the time to read my posts and comment on them, either online or in person. Here are the references to the publications if you’re interested:

‘ “The forms of things unknown”: Shakespeare and the Rise of the Live Broadcast’, Shakespeare Bulletin, 35.4 (2017), pp. 627-62.

‘Shakespeare, Social Media, and the Digital Public Sphere: Such Tweet Sorrow and A Midsummer Night’s Dreaming’Shakespeare, 14.1 (2018), pp. 64-79.

‘The Audience is Present: Aliveness, Social Media, and the Theatre Broadcast Experience’, in Shakespeare and the ‘Live’ Theatre Broadcast Experience, ed. Pascale Aebischer, Susanne Greenhalgh, and Laurie Osborne (Arden, forthcoming 2018)

I’ve also received some great emails from people creating their own digital Shakespeares. I leave you with a video from Ben Yackshaw, featuring a human and a robot sitting down to discuss Romeo and Juliet 🙂

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